Chuck Mosley & VUA – Vinyl Bundle


1 SIGNED CD COPY of Chuck Mosley & VUA – Demos For Sale o

1 SIGNED VINYL COPY of Chuck Mosley & VUA – Demos For Sale

1 Limited Edition Chuck Mosley  Tee

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About Chuck Mosley

DEMOS FOR SALE, the new release from former Faith No More/Bad Brains vocalist Chuck Mosley. A collections of demos and b-sides and alternate versions of tracks from his 2009 release WILL RAP OVER HARD ROCK FOR FOOD.

Says Mosley, “While it was a great record for what it was, and a lot of people love it, Will Rap Over Hard Rock turned into a monster that I let get completely out of control with overdubs, over-production, my live tracks getting redone by God knows who.. Demos for Sale, is a choice version of the LP, before it mutated into Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, a little closer to how we wanted it to be – live, dirty and punk rock.”

The LP will release July 15th, on CD and limited edition vinyl LP formats, with a pre-order to launch in March. Mosley will hit the road in May, and tour through 2016 on the REINTRODUCE YOURSELF: An Evening with Chuck Mosley tour, an intimate acoustic tour playing a retrospective of songs from his storied career.

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